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When Her Soul Speaks….

“Her powerful, unique authentic soul guides in healing nations, igniting souls, and rebirthing creations.”

Welcome to this BloomIn Soul’Flowher life’s cycle.

She’s a vibrant unique soul that’s here to express truth in an interesting, fun, and unique way. Sharing her universal truth and spiritual wisdom in the way that it comes to her. While she’s in this cycle of remembering and coming in alignment with her soul’s purpose.

She’s sharing her experiences and enlightenment to ignite a spark in minds. Helping others become more aware and enlightened while they cycle through their life cycle. We all should gain something from one another. This channel will show love and bring forth positivity and laughter as we grow and engage with each other. For any negativity be the alchemists that we are and turn it all around for your own good.

Remembering, healing, and growing to ignite our souls.

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Rainbow Meets The Eye

Colors in the sky
Birds fly high
Tears dropping low, but still Eye rise
Head hanging down, soul sits high
Time to unite
You with Eye
Humans have divide
Self from the most high

Rainbow in the sky
Birds soar by
Tears finally dry
Closed my eyes
Faith over fight
One more try
Head to the sky
Wind under my wings, taking flight
As eye fly high

Colors in the sky
Gifted to write
Giving up never got me by
Super feels like I
Struggled through this life
Until I learned to fly
Days confused with nights
Feeling life has gotten confused with getting high

Call it a rainbow
I see life
Sometimes sinks low
Waves still rise
Auroras or rainbows
It ignites my vibe
Rainbow so dope
It gets me high

Rainbow in the sky
Elements that’s Eye
Speaking to my soul
The inner Eye
Beautiful way to remind the Eye, of who I am
I am Eye
Not the two you see but the one that lives in me
Beautiful insight
Seeing Eye in rainbows, causing my eyes to light like stars glow at night
Grateful for colors in the sky
Rainbows that made me believe in a magical life

Love And Growing Pains

I cannot heal you with my love but I can love you while you heal.

Healing must be your main focus.

Be willing to heal for you, not others. Be aware that others can and will benefit from your healing.

Loving is easy, it’s the battles that we have to fight within ourselves to let true love in that’s hard. When loving another it feels as if we may always be fighting with them not realizing we’re only fighting ourselves. Personally fighting our own battles and demons that we project on others. Making the lover seem like they are the bad guy. Pushing all of our pain outward birthing dramatic experiences that has nothing to do with the person that we’re pushing them on.

Truth is is that if we all delt with our own internal issues before opening our space to others we would see and experience the beauty, fun, joy, and happiness of love. But it’s not always that simple and easy. I’m a true believer that life will use us to help others see themselves and grow through their experiences. And there are times that we need others to see ourselves so that we can gain wisdom while growing through our experiences.

To live and love isn’t a one man party.
Love has never been the problem so love has never hurt anyone. Love is what it seems like we are afraid of but those that are afraid of love are really afraid of self. So many times we have allowed pain to enter that we confuses it with love. I often times wonder if others are really causing us pain or showing us the pain that we already possess. Showing us who and what we are buried deep beneath the surface.

Because it’s love that we are lacking and love we are seeking love becomes the blame. All while love itself is still innocent. The fact that we often confuse painful connections for love we allowed it to enter our safe haven. Then later we become hurt by it once again claiming love has hurt us again. So it’s us and our decision making that we are afraid of not love. It’s the brokenness in us that attracted the brokenness in another. This is the painful connection that most people fall in love with. The sad truth is is that many are already broken, we are hurt, we are torn and living in pain expecting love to come and rescue us.

Looking for love in another isn’t the answer. It’s finding that love within self that will help us save ourselves. All of our healing powers are tucked away into this little jewel box placed deep in our souls.

Love reflects beauty and the beast. It has it’s beautiful and ugly side. If we all get to know our own beast realizing our brokenness, our traumas, our pains, or our weaknesses we can then find it in our lover. Most people are afraid of themselves and their own truth so they stay tucked away. We must be vulnerable enough to know who we truly are, and accept it, but still be willing to grow. It’s harder to see others if we have not yet seen ourselves. The little lies that we tell to ourselves is what prevents us from seeing ourselves. Like that woman that’s always saying “I don’t need a man.” I can guarantee you she’s stuck at a place in her journey or the men that’s always screaming “women ain’t shit!”. They are all trapped and will remain stuck until they see themselves as the issue and deal with self.

Once being aware of the internal damages together the 2 must be willing to heal and grow through their own pains. This is how we can grow from the beast into beauty. It’s not that pain can’t find love, pain must be opened and willing to heal. Love should bloom like a beautiful flower garden and smell delightful but first we must pluck out the weeds that no longer belong there. Be willing to water the seeds and cater to the soil. Remembering that flowers doesn’t bloom overnight.

It’s not that we’re not capable of loving or being in love once broken. We must gain awareness of our own problems and strategize on how to heal so our problems doesn’t get pushed off onto our lover. Two damaged lovers can dig a deeper love if they’re willing to learn from each other and grow through their traumas relieving themselves of old pain. Creating a space of healed, healthy, happy love that can truly be felt and feel magical. Learning to release and heal together rather than fighting and running from themselves and each other. When fighting another it’s really a fight with self that goes unnoticed. Once again pushing all that built up pain outward onto an innocent bystander.

Through my own experiences I’ve realized that others are needed for us to grow through these traumas, pains, and weaknesses. So even though it seems wonderful to runway attempting to be alone and do it all alone, it’s almost impossible. It’s the experiences that another will bring that will show us ourselves and where the work is needed for mental, spiritual, and physical growth. It’s not all about running away but actually dealing with the war that’s in front of us. No man can run forever. At some point he must self realize and be willing to put in the internal work.

Hurt people create a wall and their hearts are harden and sheltered. This wall and harden heart prevents one from feeling. They become disconnected from their true self which could possibly be the reason they are experiencing so many bad experiences with love. The heart has the most beautiful connection to our natural lifeline. Once disconnected then what?? If someone blocked you off from experiencing life how would that make you feel? Imagine being pinned down or cornered in. It’s not a good feeling. The average person will fight to escape until there’s no more fight left. Now imagine the blockage around a heart that’s designed to give and receive love. That wall blocks the natural flow of things and while they think they are protecting themselves by keeping others out they are trapping themselves in. Creating a closed in space and suffocating fom within. Slowing dying internally until they are taken from this physical plane of heart complications. Suffocating in all their lies, pains, traumas and so on. They are afraid of trusting and loving, living in fear of love. Love is not to be feared because it’s a healing tool if and when used properly. The one fear one should have is not healing to give and receive love.

Let’s clean our internal space of old residue so we can feel love and truly love again.

In The Moment

In this moment I am awake. My awakening is wonderful. As I sit at the top of my stairs in my dark home, listening to the sound of the fan that’s humming in my son’s room. I sit and think how wonderful life is. My days are constantly filled with wonder and I never know what I’m going to get within a day. The thought of not knowing can be exciting if one is willing to let go and flow.

I’ve learned to create my days to be wonderful as I go along. Some days run away from me and become a little chaotic but that peace within reminds me that chaos isn’t here to stay.

Chaos is that storm that comes into town shutting everything down and causing everyone to be still. After the storm we are visited by peace reminding us why the storm had to come in the first place and reminding us that it’s ok.

We’re sometimes forced to start over after the storm or simply put the pieces back together still creating a new start. Somehow after all the destruction we still find reasons and ways to laugh again. We remember all the things that we’re thankful for and all the people that we love. The storm created more awareness. An awareness that we have been neglecting and ignoring. Sometimes this is the only reason for the storm.

We’re constantly moving and rushing around that we forget to be still. Be still and connect to the oneness that’s all around. Be still and be in the moment, be in the present moment. Without allowing thoughts to run wild. Without being worried about the past and concerned about the future. Loving to just be in the moment.

I’ve learned to stop and take in the moment, see the beauty, and feel the love. In a world filled with chaos we have been forever gifted the present moment, the beauty in the world, and the love that’s within.

Can you see and feel it? Can you see through the chaos and find the beauty? Can you feel through the pain and feel the love? Can you forget about the past and the future and remember to enjoy now.

Who Killed Nipsey Hussel?

Does it matter? Is the death of Nipsey more important than the life he lived and the message he came to deliver? Is the death of Nipsey more valuable than the jewels he left behind?

It amazes me how we as a people get so caught up in the negative news neglecting all the positive. We sit and gossip about the murder, watching the tragedy over and over again. Pulled so deep into the pain forgetting he lived and died with purpose. We become so entertained by the negative news that we become the killer, the officers, the judge, and the jurors. We use the internet and anything else to gain as much info. as we can when it comes to tragedies. But we refuse to put in that same FBI work for the good news and the things that can help us become better people. We don’t seek the knowledge that could help our lives and change our hoods the same way we investigate into gossip and tragedies. Nipsey evolved because he seeked knowledge that helped him spiritually evolve. What he gained HELPED him grow and because of his growth others were able to learn from him and grow as well.

I hear and see people speak of the death of Nipsey Hussel. They are hurt, saddened, or still in shock. They are sharing the clips of the murder, checking the time of death, and knowing who he was and wasn’t with at the time of his death. They know things about Nipsey’s death that he’s clueless about. That’s how deep and hard they dug. Many of these people are chatter boxes and want to be a part of a relevant topic. They are the ones that haven’t made any changes in their health, life, or hood. The things that Nipsey once lived for and constantly spoke on. They still haven’t watched a full Dr. Sebi interview or speech, someone that influenced Nipsey on his path of spiritual healing.

My own belief is that a fan should be inspired by an artist to not only hear them but feel them. Really take the time to see the artist and what they stand for. Be inspired by the movement and move. Become a part of “The Marathon” and don’t be so moved by the movement that was sent to attempt to stop “The Marathon”.

I hear more about Nipsey now than I did while he was alive in this physical realm. I was in the dark about this beautiful evolving soul. Some of the same people that were aware of his positive influences before his death never shared his good news on their timeline. They never shared a video with a deep message or some of the great things he did in his community. Now that he’s gone they share how much of a fan they were and loved what he was doing for the people. If that’s the truth WHAT HAVE WE CHANGED? Posting for likes isn’t doing a thing. What are we doing different in our life or hood? Is he loved more now because he’s a hot topic? Where was the support and sharing of his life while he was here putting in the work? We invest more energy and pour more love into ones death than we do their life.

I watched one interview of Nipsey and I knew then that he was authentic with a Divine purpose. I knew from that interview that he had a purpose and he was well aware of that. I was saddened to just learn of him. Knowing of him sooner I would have pushed his message the way I have Dr. Sebi. I now call Nipsey Hussel “The Hood Butterfly” because he had risen from that dark place coming from the hood and spread his wings. He burst from his cocoon leaving behind sparkles of angel dust. His death may appear harsh because of the changes he made in his life and others but it was a beautiful tragedy. His death has touched more hearts and elevated some sleep souls. I can only hope that many of those who are saddened by his beautiful tragedy do their part for humanity and create their own uplifting movement.

So while we sit around and gossip about who killed Nipsey know that the true murderers are the ones who isn’t evolving. The murderers are the ones who isn’t doing their part, who isn’t spreading love, who isn’t speaking out, who isn’t uplifting their people and doing their part for this planet. Is that you? It doesn’t matter who killed Nipsey or how he died. What does matter is what he lived for and how he lived. I often speak of how we should grow to love the spirit because the vessel doesn’t hang around long. If you loved and felt Nipsey on a deeper level than you know his energy is well alive and if you’re one that was inspired to make changes because of his movement then you are part of keeping him alive.

Watching this interview of his mother who had beautiful parting words for her angel who had recently transitioned inspired me to speak out on this matter. So when we speak of Nipsey Hussel’s death lets ask ourselves how can we be a part of “The Marathon” and how can we be better in our lives and hood. That’s the sweetest revenge.

Live on Nipsey Hussel

The Hood Butterfly who’s death was a beautiful tragedy.

Watch “Nipsey Hussle’s Mother, Angelique Asghedom, speaks on His Death and Spirituality” on YouTube


I’m not to be defined.
As I walk this plane, lost yet again
Seeking to only find, pieces of me scattered in the mind
“Who am I?” I yelled out.
No ones around, silence filled the air as I stood on solid ground.
I’m seeking to find, all of me that’s undefined.
“Yell back at me.” I whispered in my mind.
Yearning for a beautiful reply.
Waiting for a for sure answer, to invade my being like an unwanted cancer.
Sitting in silence.
Stillness with no reply to who am I…
Feeling full of bliss.

So boastful it came to me, my eyes opened wide now that I can see.
I am the sound that’s whispering to me.
Patiently waiting on my own reply.
I am the vibrations of the words that flows through me.
The life in these tears that I cry.
I’m more than the beautiful woman that one may see.
I’m the voice in the vessel questioning “who am I?”
I’m the life that lives in all that one may see.
How dare I seek a title to belittle me?
How dare I wish to be defined for those that don’t know me?
Lost in a world filled with lies.
Still I remain the voice inside,
With no need to explain because I will forever be unidentified.

Broken Butterfly

You can still fly with all your brokenness.

While walking (going a way I usually don’t go) I looked down and saw this butterfly that wouldn’t fly. I thought it was dead so I poked at it to be sure. After putting my hand out it turned and walked away confirming that life was still present. My divine intuition and natural curiosity wouldn’t allow me to just walk away. So I decided to pick it up and see if it would fly away but it didn’t. I examined it and noticed a leg was gone this is how I came up with the title (Broken Butterfly). Broken Butterfly is what I named this beautiful butterfly and this Divine message.

I began randomly humming to the butterfly as I walked back to my house. Not knowing what to hum the words quickly came to me “you can fly”. I hummed it over and over again. When I made it to my yard I turned my hand to look in the eyes of the butterfly. They were small round and pitch black looking like small beads. I started feeling slightly emotional as I connected with this broken butterfly wondering if it was aware of me and my attempt to heal it. Silently exchanging vibes encouraging this butterfly that it could fly increased my vibe within the moment. With all it’s brokeness it still had the power to fly and I was going to be sure that it was aware of that. Strongly and silently I’m speaking to this butterfly, uplifting words as they travel through my mind. My heart speeds up from the excitement of seeing the butterfly pace around my finger as I continuously hum the words “you can fly”. With every movement I became more excited because there were little to no movement in the beginning of our connection.

While having eye contact with the butterfly I noticed the wings started to shiver. I smiled knowing that the butterfly was attempting to fly. I’m not sure if it was fearful or just hurt but we all now how either could stop us from spreading our wings. It shivered for at least a minute and my excitement was highly increasing. Speaking loudly in my mind in such a beautiful way “you can fly, broken butterfly”. Smiling as I feel the fast paced movement from the paper thin wings brushed against my finger tips. Slowly preparing itself for takeoff. Then it turned away and flew from my hand. My eyes watered as it flew away. There was a short quick connection with this butterfly that will last a lifetime.

This is the power of knowing oneness and spreading love. This butterfly in many ways reflects all of us. There are times we feel broken and down. Wishing someone would walk by and extend their love that’s healing, pure, and divine. A little love goes a long way. The same way this butterfly felt my energy then felt strong enough to fly is the same way we can all fly with love.

If I didn’t do my part the next person who’s unaware of the broken butterfly would have ignored it and maybe stepped on it taking away it’s opportunity to fly again.

Awareness is a beautiful gift and there are no coincidences. Let’s all practice being more aware to spread love and help heal.